For San Antonians having a backyard to spend some or all of the time is a most ! We are very proud of our favorite hangout place and don’t mind the maintenance. Here are a few  new accents you can add that might go very well in your little retreat
For starters… most houses have trees in the backyard, here are some options for what is possible to get around those beautiful trees…
Tree seating

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Pathways to your secret garden…
Here are also some pathway designs in case you want to add a little mix to the all green in the back, or if you always walk through a path and grass is no longer growing there, is just dirt? here are some good ideas for what can go there…

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Feed the beautiful birds
Don’t you just love when you wake up to a bird singing on Saturday morning ? no rush to get to work just the sound of the beautiful happy birds, well is so easy to make them arrive to your backyard retreat, just head to any H-E-B or Walmart for some feeders and lots of food, you will have visitors at least twice a day and it will always look and feel peaceful

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