As a Realtor® I drive a lot every day ! the following are based on a list of the most trendy colors I see on the road and for houses that if are listed for sale usually do not last very long and are sold within days ! Enjoy and I hope you get some creative ideas for your own place too !

#4 The Soft Yellow

Very soft yellow cream barn house look with green grey shutters

#3 The Fancy Blues 

Craftsman style home with grizzle gray color and white trim dark brown door and soft washed brick on entrance columns

#2 Classic White

White plantation style house with soft gray and beige shutters and door with washed soft brick floor


#1 Gray

Hamptons style traditional coastal home with black door white trim and very soft gray color

Once you choose the color you prefer for the body of the house, do some contrast with the trim, shutters and door to really bring it to life!

Blue dark color front doot with white trims surrounding, gray siding on body of the house Stong blue shutters on window with white curtains inside the home, white siding on the body of the houseGreen plants pathway body of the house is a red white washed off brick with soft blue trim, door and shuttersSoft gray shutters on window with nice window plants body of the house is a soft cream brick