You all have seen the HGTV shows for tiny houses, I just cant turn the channel every time I come by these shows. I always wonder; how can they even think of living like this ! Is it just to save money ? Do you rather travel the world? or set your roots and buy a property in a neighborhood instead ? This idea of course came from millennials, we just want to be free ! That includes free of debt, free to go wherever we want without worrying much about our house back home, really which thief in their right mind would see a tiny house and wonder gee these guys are loaded ! of course not !
Being the millennial that I am I like the idea I really do ! but we are planning on having a family one day and its just a dream of mine that just as I remember playing in the house I grew up in when I was a little girl, my kids will do the same and then we will be have the family dinners and is just all a big beautiful picture I enjoy imagining almost daily, so a tiny house would never be for me. Nonetheless, I still wanted to look at the options tiny houses offer, finishes, looks, budgets and space, just so I could share with you !
One of the styles I like the most is rustic industrial/modern so lets start with those…

tiny house on wheels with metal roof and metal siding black door dark wood siding

See a tiny house does not necessarily have to be on wheels right?

tiny house with all brick on 1st floor 2nd floor is metal gray siding big black steel window and door

Tiny house on wheels with red plan siding gray windows and gray metal roof

Now lets look at the different concepts you can do inside these tiny places, all average anywhere from 250-450 sq ft. no you will not have space for a master bedroom but say hello to your long time friend, the bunk bed ! 

tiny house with bold colors plank dark wood railings and trim cement counter with plank light wood counter top tiny house with roll up glass doors wood plank ceiling and with kitchen cabinets white subway backsplash and yellow patio lights tiny kitchen concept with green plants at edges of cabinets and on ceiling shelves pallet wood on ceiling and wall white subway tile on backslash white concept tiny house large windows on both sides dark wood beams dark wood latter for loft white tiny house with dark wood trim, beams on kitchen ceiling and plank wood throughout loft ceiling can lighting throughout stainless steel appliances tall tiny house ceilings with crown molding squares on ceiling and black pendant chandelier iron railing on stairs and loft railing accented iron bar stools dark and light thin butcher counter tops throughout the kitchen white sink with black iron faucet

Now let’s get down to the numbers, I have been trying to find some good estimate numbers something I found is that the smaller the tiny house the higher the sq ft $. I found this website and it has a pretty straight forward break down of what it costs. Overall they do cost more per sq ft than a regular home, averaging between 150-250 per sq ft. depending on the finished you want. Below a few pictures from fancy to basic, which one is your style?

basic and simple tiny house inside with light wood all wood color is the same throughout basic and simple tiny house kitchen with steel sink and counter with plywood material in the back hanging small shelves above sink

elegant tiny house with gray granite counter tops dark wood floor in kitchen white chandelier and recessed lighting on kitchen ceiling free standing white tub in the back with nice stone floor tiny house inside with white plank wood throughout space for bunk bed with only a few steps from living space dark wood pallet wall contrast recessed lighting

There you have it, now for the main question, do you see yourself living in a tiny house???